Cache Title Company is here to serve all of your real estate title needs and we offer a wide variety of services in order to accomplish our goal of being a full service title company. Below you will see all of the services we offer, along with a link to a description of and information regarding that service. As always, if the information is inadequate to your needs or is missing, we request that you contact us and we will gladly help you.

Title Insurance:

Cache Title Company is an agent for the Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and United General Title Insurance Company. We write title insurance in Cache, Box Elder, and Rich counties. Our typical turnaround time for commitments is 24 to 48 hours, and policies are issued within 72 hours of recording. Our rates are competitive and are often lower than our competitors.

Property Closings:

We are the closing specialists. For over 20 years, Cache Title Company has specialized in property closings, including property purchases, refinances, and tax-deferred exchanges. Closing represent the culmination of hopes and hard work. We specialize in doing it well and making it a good experience for our customers.

Tax Deferred Exchanges:

Cache 1031 Exchange Company, Inc. acts as a qualified intermediary in tax-deferred exchange transactions. Please call or email Annette for more information on completing your exchange.

Collection Escrows:

Sellers and/or private parties often carry notes secured by real property. Cache Title Company services these transactions by receiving and posting payments, holding the necessary documentation in escrow, and submitting the required forms for year-end reporting.

Document Preparation:

Our staff is trained to use the most current and accurate technical resources for our customers' needs. Whether for closings or as courtesy preparation, we can help.